The Church Directory is available to all Members of PCO; please contact the Church Office to be sent a .pdf copy via email.

A. Saving the File (optional)
Once you have the file, we encourage you to Save it so that you can easily refer back to it.

1. Long press the pdf attachment.
2. Click Save to Files. Your options include:
* iCloud Drive – you may find this convenient should you want to have access from other devices connected to your
* On my iPhone
3. To retrieve the file later, open the Files app and go to the folder where you saved the file

B. Viewing the File (QuickLook)

1. Click on the File to open it.
2. Tap the screen to toggle on/off the Top Menu
3. The Top Menu displays a magnifying glass to Search through the file
4. Pinch to zoom in/out.
5. Phone numbers – click on a linked phone number to make a call. You will be given at least two prompts before dialing.
6. SMS – click an SMS link to send a text message to the phone number. You will be prompted to Open your message client. Remember to identify yourself in the text message if the recipient will not recognize your phone number.
7. Email – click an e-mail link to send an e-mail message. You will be prompted to Open your email client.
8. The Top Menu displays a pen icon to Markup (make your own personal notes on) the file. Please be aware that these notes appear only on your copy of the file, but will not appear on future releases of the directory
9. Click Done in the Top Menu to close the file

C. Viewing the File with other Apps
You may have other Apps on your phone for opening files, such as Acrobat or Books

1. Long press the pdf attachment from the e-mail
2. In the pop-up, Click Share, then scroll through the list of available Apps until you see your preferred file viewer.
3. The above actions should be the same, though we are aware that the SMS link may not work in Acrobat
4. Others apps offer additional features in the top Menu Bar, such as:
a. A Table of Contents (a series of dots followed by lines). The table of contents may provide options for viewing Thumbnails, the text table of contents, or Bookmarks that you have made. Clicking any linked element will jump to the corresponding page.
b. Bookmark – click to Add this page to your bookmarks list. Click again to Remove the Bookmark
c. Reading controls, such as Brightness meter, Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling, etc

Hint: if you would like to print this page, use the ‘Print’ icon at the bottom to avoid printing the header and footer.