If you do not have a pdf app, you can use the Apple app iBooks. If you do not see the icon, you need to set up the app. The directions below are for the iBooks app. Hint: if you would like to print this page, use the ‘Print’ icon at the bottom to avoid printing the header and footer.

A. Setup the iBooks app

1. Slide to the desktop with the search bar. Search for iBooks.
2. Click the download cloud.
3. When you first open iBooks, you will be prompted to decide if you want to store in iCloud. Use of iCloud is not necessary, but provides sharing between apple devices.

B. If you received the pdf by email

1. Long press the pdf attachment.
2. In the pop-up, ‘Import with iBooks’ should be listed – if not, check … more.

C. Open in the iBooks app

1. When viewing the pdf, the table of contents is available in the menu bar. When you view a page, you may not see the menu bar. Tap the screen to toggle the menu on/off.
2. The table of contents is the series of dots followed by lines. The table of contents provides a submenu for viewing thumbnails, the text table of contents, or bookmarks that you create. Clicking the text table of contents will jump to the corresponding page.
3. The menu provides a magnifying glass that can be used to search for a name.
4. Pinch to zoom in/out.
5. Phone numbers – Zooming in to a phone number provides a link. Clicking the link prompts you to be sure you want to call. If you confirm, the call will be initiated without further prompting.
6. SMS – Clicking an SMS link will prompt you to confirm that you want to send a text. Upon confirmation, the phone number will be entered and a text will be initiated. Remember to identify yourself in the text message if the recipient will not recognize your phone number.
7. Email – Clicking an e-mail link will initiate an e-mail message.
8. Closing the pdf – Open the menu bar, click the left arrow <.