Sunday Worship, March 15th – Online only

As part of the wider effort to arrest the spread of coronavirus, we will be offering a

Facebook Live worship service at 10 am on March 15,

and we ask that you not come to the church for worship.

The Facebook Live event will be broadcast live from the sanctuary as an abbreviated worship service, including sermon and music. At 10am on Sunday March 15th, please join us through the PCO Facebook page: If you’re already a Facebook user, you can get ready by clicking Follow on the above page. You’ll be notified when the event starts and can Comment during the service to connect with other members.

If you’re not a Facebook user, we expect that you will still be able to follow from a personal computer using the link above, though the mobile interface may require a Facebook account. Just remember to check at 10am on Sunday March 15th.

We will also post a recording of the service, so check back with the Facebook page as you are able.

Please contact if you have any issues accessing the service online, or with any feedback after the event. We are learning about how to broadcast live, and we appreciate your patience as we learn this new procedure.