If you would like to make use of the church and its facilities, please use this form.

    Our facilities are often used for concerts and weddings or meetings for groups or organizations. Use the general contact form to request more information about wedding policies before completing this form. Groups or organizations wishing to use our facilities must be either: (1) Not-for-profit organizations - 501(c)(3); or (2) Providing a service for the greater community.

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    Special consideration will be given for organizations which involve our church members, or groups which are sponsored by Christian or Presbyterian entities. A Building Request request must be submitted at least one month prior to the requested time. Requests will be considered based on the church calendar, custodian's schedule, and seasonal issues (heat, air conditioning, etc.). Suggested donations can be requested using the general contact form.

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    ClassroomKehde ChapelKitchen (Bring your own supplies)Fellowship HallSanctuary


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    Each party is responsible for complete clean-up of areas including vacuuming. If any property is damaged, the contact person will be responsible for reimbursement or replacement of damaged equipment.

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