In addition to the contact forms provided in the menu, the following e-mail contacts may be helpful. In each case, append ‘’ to the text listed before the hyphen.

pastorlisa – Rev. Dr. Lisa Schrott, head of staff

rebecca – Rebecca Mattern, Interim Director of Faith Formation

anna – Anna Thiel, office manager

office – secretarial staff. This is our generic e-mail address. Anna Thiel will forward the message to the appropriate person.

sexton – Edward Ennen, sexton

brewbaker – Dr. Marlene Brewbaker, music director and organist

communications – Matt Pearson, Communications and Engagement chairperson

staff – sends simultaneously to Rev. Schrott, Rebecca Mattern, and Anna Thiel

property – contact the property team if you notice something regarding the property that needs repair.

webmaster – simultaneously contacts Matt Pearson and Carl Lira regarding the web site.