Updated COVID-19 Protocols as of 9-11-22
Masking is optional during our worship service (including while singing) and for programs at the church. We welcome all to mask as they feel led and we encourage those with increased risk to mask as appropriate. Please remember that young children may not have been vaccinated. The masking policy may be altered if COVID-19 conditions in our region change.

Updated COVID-19 Protocols as of 3-9-22
With the dramatic decrease in the COVID-19 infection rate, test positivity and hospitalizations, as well as the new guidelines from the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/covid-by-county.html, PCO updated its COVID-19 protocols.
The COVID Task Force was disbanded with incredible gratitude to Keith Camann, Gary Sturk, David Detrisac, Rev. Alice Fleming Townley and Rev. Peggy Casteel-Huston for all of the energy, intelligence, imagination and love they shared with the congregation during the first two years of the pandemic.
Pastor Lisa Schrott continues to monitor the status of Ingham County and updates to the CDC guidelines.

The option of online worship continues to be offered for those who may be ill or have health conditions that put them at risk. These services are available live and as recordings on the PCO website and on YouTube.

We will continue to follow the guidelines of the Ingham County Health Department, the state of Michigan and the CDC, and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and we will always err on the side of safety and caution when faced with multiple guidelines. We have to be flexible in adapting to the guidelines, and we will continue to clearly communicate how to participate in church ministry at every step of the way.

There may be some continued change that feels like a loss, and some that feels like an opportunity. It is okay to grieve the changes in our rituals and gatherings. It is also okay to look for the ways our creativity is drawing us into new, more accessible, ministries. We are in this together, and there will surely be a wide range of feelings that we are all processing. We will continue to create space for us to share and process our experiences together.

Our staff and church leadership are prepared and poised to take on any new challenges that may arise. They have been working together for the past several years to ensure the safety of our congregation and to bring PCO’s ministry to life in new ways. With the help of God, may our church continue to be a beacon of hope and a touchstone of care for all who encounter us.

In hope and love,

PCO Session