On June 5, 2022 we dedicated a fifth octave of handbells – a range of bell sizes from small to large. The purchase of the bells was made possible through gifts to the endowment fund and through contributions of our own bell choir.

Our bell choir has been with us for over 20 years. In March and April 24, 2000, three octaves of bells were donated by Wilma Schwartz in honor of Dwight Schwarz and by Irene Shutt in honor of Paul Shutt. In 2002 Irene Shutt donated three octaves of handchimes in honor of Merle & Agnes McSwegin and Glenn & Florence Shutt. And in 2004, the Larsen family donated the fourth octave set.

To celebrate the addition of the fifth octave, the bells played three pieces: Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart (accompanied by Cari Cravotta, Flute) Music of the Spheres (accompanied by Marlene Brewbaker, organ) and Rondo Passacaglia.
You can rewatch the Service on our Youtube Channel

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