Dear Okemos Presbyterian Church,

As we prepare to go back to Niger we have found ourselves explaining our situation to a lot of people. Frequently they are amazed at how much help and support we get from our church to pay for things like the plane tickets, immunizations, emergency plans, and even our housing in all the transitions in Niger. This does a lot to help give us stability and freedom to focus more on the relationships we need to maintain in Niger. We want to pass on that amazement and thanks because you are the ones that allow for us to have such good support! We also want to encourage you that by your gifts we have been able to keep going even through the pandemic difficulties and will be able to return to offer much needed support to our siblings in Christ in Niger. Helping to strengthen their reflection of God’s love to their neighbors is what we’re so proud to be a part of and is what we truly hope will have a great impact on the whole country.

Thank you for being an important part of this huge undertaking!
Michael, Rachel, Adeline, Simeon, Zach, Isaac Ludwig (and even Hassan whom we will be reunited with soon)

Picture: The three ‘big’ children in their igloo as we go from negative temperatures to over 100 in just one day.

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