During Presidents’ Weekend, 2018, members of the Presbyterian Church of Okemos traveled to Cass Community Social Services in Detroit.

Clarisse P. and Ewen T. painting the safety rail in Cass Community Services apartment building.
Gary S. installs ceiling at Cass, with Wayne S.’s assistance.
Grace T. checks out the ceiling tiles.
Jonathan T. painting safety rail built and installed by PCO volunteers.
Kathi C. adds her touch.
John C. chats with a resident whose apartment was being repaired.
Sarah Mayhew and Alice Townley working at Cass.
David and Kathi C. improving low-income apartments at Cass.
Taking a break.
Barbara S., Rev. Faith Fowler, Clarisse P., and Grace T. following church service.
Rev. Sue Pethoud leading tour of Cass Tiny Homes, seen in the background.

Visit the web site for Cass Community Social Service at https://casscommunity.org

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