The PCO Mission Committee began supporting Michigan Refugee Hope (the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program administered by Samaritas Social Services of Michigan) efforts at Faith Lutheran Church in Okemos beginning in 2018. Faith Lutheran members provide housing, food support and mentoring for youth who have fled from war, violence or persecution in dozens of countries. By the time they get to the United States, they’ve been separated from and often lost contact with parents and other family members who can care for them and have often suffered great traumas – and they’re not even 18 years old. At the present time Faith Lutheran is hosting 5 young men in their parish house as they await their applications to achieve legal status in the United States. In the month of June 2020 Mission Committee approved continued financial support for Faith Lutheran’s efforts to help unaccompanied minors.  A wonderful video is available for any interested reader at . Thank you to the PCO congregation for supporting this locally managed humanitarian service.

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